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Volkswagen Zubehör

Volkswagen Zubehör
Zu den Zubehör-Artikeln

Volkswagen Lifestyle

Volkswagen Lifestyle
Zu den Lifestyle-Artikeln

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Questions and answers


How will my package be shipped and how much are the shipping costs?
Our mail order articles are shipped via DHL. The flat shipping charge is 5.00 euros.

What do the specified prices include?
The prices for the mail order articles in the eShop include VAT and exclude shipping costs. The prices for accessory articles are the recommended retail prices. These prices include VAT and do not include installation. However, please note that the prices may vary between Volkswagen dealers.

How do I return an article?
Have you ordered a Lifestyle article which does not fit or which you do not like? No problem. You can send back all mail order articles within 14 days after delivery. Please make use of your right of cancellation by calling us, sending us an e-mail or using our cancellation form. Please include the return documents in the package and stick the return form onto the package. If you no longer have the return form you can also download it from your order history. Alternatively, our customer service would be happy to help you. Returns are, of course, free of charge for you.

Would you like to return a product which you have ordered? Please contact the Volkswagen dealership from which you collected the article.

How long are the delivery times?
Please contact your Volkswagen dealership for further information about delivery times for ordered products. The delivery time for our Lifestyle articles is generally 1-3 working days.

I have received a voucher for Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. Can I redeem this voucher in the eShop?
Unfortunately, the vouchers cannot be redeemed via the Volkswagen Accessories Shopping World. Please ask the voucher issuer about where you can redeem the voucher.

As a VW employee can I make purchases online with employee discounts?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make purchases in the Volkswagen Accessories Shopping World with employee discounts at present.

Where can I find the Accessories and Lifestyle catalogues?
You can download our catalogues and pricelists in PDF format here:

Volkswagen Accessories

Volkswagen Lifestyle

In addition, you can also obtain printed catalogues from your local Volkswagen dealer. Unfortunately, we do not ship catalogues.

How do I cancel an order for a collection article?
Please contact your selected Volkswagen dealer as quickly as possible.

How do I cancel an order for Lifestyle articles?
In this case, you have the option of cancelling your order within 14 days.

Do you deliver articles to other countries?
Unfortunately, no. Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH delivers exclusively within Germany. Outside of Germany, you can order all of the articles via your local Volkswagen dealer.

Who do I return the goods to?
You have a 14 day right of cancellation for our Lifestyle mail order articles. The necessary documents are included in the delivery. You can also download the return form from your order history, if necessary. The returns process for accessory articles is handled by the Volkswagen dealer where you purchased the goods.

Can I place orders via telephone or e-mail?
Unfortunately, we cannot process orders submitted via e-mail or over the telephone. Please place your order via the Volkswagen Accessories Shopping World.

I need a different size. How is the article exchange?
Have you ordered an article in a specific size and discovered that the article does not fit you? Please use the 14 day right of cancellation and send the article back to us. Then order the article again with the right size.

How does the search work?
The shop search offers you a wide range of options: A selection of possible articles categories is listed underneath the input field. You can also enter the article number directly and are then automatically forwarded to the corresponding article or you can enter a specific term. The results can be sorted by price, article name and article number. In addition, you can also further restrict the results of your search using the categories shown on the left hand side.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
1. For questions about products
All of the products requiring explanation have a description in our online shop. Nevertheless, if you require further information about products, Volkswagen customer service is available to help you. You can contact the customer service at the number: 0800 - VOLKSWAGEN (8655792436).

You can also contact our customer service at the following e-mail address: kundenbetreuung@volkswagen.de

Furthermore, every Volkswagen dealer will also be happy to provide you with advice.
2. For questions about orders or the online shop
If you have any questions about your order or the online shop, please use our contact form. Your question will be answered as quickly as possible.

Where can I change my personal customer data?
Please log in with your e-mail address and your password using the "Login" button and then click the "User account" button. Then you can easily edit your customer data.

Where can I view the order status?
Please log in using the "Login" button and then click the "Order history" button. This provides you with a complete overview of your orders including the corresponding order status.

Where can I view my last orders?
Please log in using the "Login" button and then click the "Order history" button. This provides you with a complete overview of your orders including the corresponding order status. The order history also includes your invoices and the return form.

What are the password requirements?
A valid e-mail address and a password are required to successfully register.

The password must be at least eight characters long and contain the following:

• at least one number (0-9), but no numerical sequences (123, 6789 or 4321)

• at least one uppercase letter (A-Z) and at least one lowercase letter (a-z)

Which functions can I use when I log in?
The "My data" section allows you to view and, if applicable, modify your password, your account options and order history. You can access these areas from the Volkswagen Accessories Shopping World start page. On the article details page you can place your favourite articles on a wishlist, allowing you to easily find them again at a later point in time.

What can I do if I have a problem with my online order?
A technical server overload may cause problems with completing the order. In this case, we kindly ask you to place your order again at a later point in time.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the availability of products?
We strive to ensure that the articles in our online shop are always available. If an article is temporarily unavailable, the online shop will show a corresponding message and ordering will be blocked. The block is removed as soon as the article is available again.

How can I pay?
When purchasing our Lifestyle articles we accept payment by credit card (MasterCard and Visa) or by PayPal. You can pay for accessory articles from your Volkswagen dealer using normal methods of payment.

When paying by credit card: Additionally querying the card verification code (CVC for short) makes payment via credit card especially secure. The CVC is a security function used by credit card companies. It is printed on the rear of the credit card and not included in the data on the magnetic strip. Querying and entering the CVC guarantees that the orderer is in physical possession of the credit card. The CVC is printed on the rear side of MasterCard and Visa cards.

Will I receive an order confirmation?
Please ensure that you have entered your e-mail address correctly when registering. We will send an automatic confirmation via e-mail as soon as we receive your order. This contains all of the important information about your order. If you do not receive automatic confirmation via e-mail then the server may have been overloaded when you placed the order. As a result, your order could not be sent to us and we have not received the order.